Well, Uh oh… Baby is a punk rocker

Fair warning, many moons ago, a friend told me that my stream of consciousness would be in bullet points, so expect a lot of that with this little adventure.

A look at this past week:

– I ate delicious pizza, and a bad cream puff.

– I fell in love with Allo Darlin’

– I froze my ass off waiting for a comedy show, which was totally worth it

– I hated my job.

– I walked the Brooklyn Bridge and held a raccoon penis bone.

– I listened to the new album by my favorite band

– I said goodbye to a wonderful friend after a 9-day visit to NYC

– I cried.

– I struggled with reading a classic book

– I ate a REALLY good burrito

– I worried about money

– I read a wonderful email from a friend who is falling in love.

– I made a fool of myself dancing in front of the Wii…and laughed myself silly.

– I felt good at my job.

– I read this quote, and agreed:
I will never respect the person on MUNI who pulls the “request stop” cord for any stop that MUNI is required to make always. Never. Stop tugging the cord at Montgomery station. We’re already stopping there. Stop it.

– I missed my family

– I took a nice photo of Central Park in the snow

– I enjoyed a trashy book so much, I missed my subway stop.

– I had intense conversations about fairy tales, sex, art and nature v. nurture.

– I had stupid conversations about public access TV, raptor noises and Sarah Palin.

– I went to the Met, and saw some photos that I adored.

– I rolled my own sushi

– I intended to take a picture with the Giants World Series trophy, but slept instead.

– I, unexpectedly, saw a friend in a TV show

– I drank a lot of red wine

– I smoked a little.

– I hung out with some of my best friends, and laughed & laughed & laughed.
(actually this happened a few times and I truly couldn’t be more grateful)


– (I finally started blogging again)

3 thoughts on “Well, Uh oh… Baby is a punk rocker

  1. LOVE it, I enjoyed re reading your blog posts and thinking back to our time together :) Your new blog posts are always the highlight of my day.

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