look at me

One of the great things about street art and subway art is that it is free; free of charge, free of the gallery, free of the museum and its influence; even free from the law in many cases.

I really love street art. I try and be observant as I wander through the City, though it is hard to stay present (I often want to retreat into my music/podcasts or ignore the world).

Which is part of the reason I follow two great blogs:

The Subway Art blog NYC specific, transit specific

StreetsyStreet Art from all over the world in conversation

I was reading the former, and saw the above image and decided to write about my love of street art. It is from the “look at me” project throughout the City. And if you go here, you can see more and more images from it.

So here are a few photos of street art that I have stumbled upon:

During the summer of 2005, I spent a month living in New York, interning for a dance company. It was during those months, I first began to toy with the idea of moving here. And I fell in love with this subway sticker art. I love how it blended in, and was hard to spot at first.

I like traditional murals, like this one in San Francisco’s North Beach. Especially when combined with the interesting Public City Art of the floating books.

It is amazing when buildings become constant canvases, having decades of work layered on them.

And perhaps the best part of street art, is getting to interact with it, so that you are helping to create new artwork.

Thanks to Joe for taking the photo of me.

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