Bad Wine and Lemon Cake

Next Wednesday is a huge crazy day for my job. We have been working on this gala for months, and I have been staying much too late at my job to make everything happen.  I have been a little (more than a little stressed).

But, there have been a bunch of things that are making me happy this week as well. So this post is here to celebrate them!

Things making me happy this week:

1) The Photos of Gabriela Herman

2) The MaxFun Drive

It is hard to express how much I adore the Maximum Fun Empire, run by Jesse Thorn. Especially the podcasts Jordan, Jesse Go!, The Sound of Young America, and Stop Podcasting Yourself, which bring hours of joy and laughter into my life every week.

I have been supporting MaxFun with $10/month for almost two years. And it is sooo worth it. Right now, they are in the middle of a pledge drive, which means extra cool episodes for donors like me, and an extra reason to tell EVERYONE that you should listen and laugh and fall in love with this great independent media.  I have pledged $0.05 for every new donor, and so have a bunch of other great folks, so each person who joins brings an extra $5/person. So listen, donate now, and you will not regret it.

3) My friends just had a baby! This is the first of my college peers to have a baby, which is absolutely crazy, as it makes me feel old. But I am so excited for them, and think they will make great parents. (I only wish I was in California so I could see the baby soon, but fortunately I will be visiting in April, which is not too far away).

4) Circa

Over at Ken Davenport’s blog, there is conversation going on about how to stop discounting theater tickets. He is specifically talking about Broadway shows, and I think it is an important conversation to have. However, I think it is also problematic. Take tonight for example:

My friend Kristin was perusing TDF last week and asked if I wanted to go see a dance show for tonight. I almost said no, because of how crazy work is and how poor I feel. But she told me the tickets were only $20 and I have been meaning to see more dance. So, I went….

And I loved it! It was an absolutely stunning performance of CRAZY acrobatic skill and lovely moments, and it was funny and beutiful and invigorating. And I am now a huge fan. I will go see more Circa, every time they are in town, I will join their mailing list AND I will pay a lot more money to see them next time. I will also consider seeing other things at the Skirball Center, where I had never been before and never had thought about attending shows. So I think discounts can work.

Here is a clip of Circa from a different performance:

5) Famous Objects from Classic Movies – an online pictionary/hangman adventure

6) And, last but not least (as it is what made me start this post originally), “Bad Wine and Lemon Cake” by the Jane Austin Argument and Amanda Palmer

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