Tell the ones that need to know, we are headed north

Ok, so I am in hour three of waiting for a giant file upload. As soon as it finishes, I can leave for the weekend.

So, I shall use this time to blog briefly about things making me happy this week:

– Super excited to have the (atheist) best friend from DC up to hang out for this Easter weekend. I’m looking towards medieval castles, giant bonnets, eggs, a magic show and chocolate.

– book club makes me happy every time it happens! Especially when a trained chef makes super delicious steak to accompany discussion of steam punk, zombies, and class issues.

– playing  a”Finish throwing game” in Astoria Park on a sunny day may be the best thing ever.  Add a friend’s parents and it is just crazy awesome

– Being reminded how fucking funny Christopher Walken’s SNL sketch, The Census Taker, is.

– Jesus, I love my camera. And learning all sorts of new things to do with it is pretty amazing.

–  “Who is John Galt?” graffiti at the bottom of the steps at my subway stop, causing me to text Joe and Robert immediately, even though it was 1am on Thursday morning.

– Claire Hummel’s project to costume Disney Princesses in historically accurate dresses

– Summer plans in general, and booking my July trip to Milwaukee in particular

– working on my first (web) TV project

– tax returns

I and Love and You

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