12 Weeks in Photos – Part 2

Street Art in North Beach

Banksy Art in North Beach

Continuing my look back at my first twelve weeks home in California. (Took me a bit longer to continue than anticipated, real life drama is all sorts of fun). If you missed Part 1, here it is.

Week 5 (October 12-18):

Hobart Building, downtown SF

A Better World is Possible - a student protester early on in Occupy SF

A quick trip to Davis isn't complete without a drive on Russell

Week 6 (October 19-25):

A Day in Mismatched Shoes

Drew has a ... friend ?

Disneyland was a wonderful get-a-way in October. Next time, we have to go for at least two days, though. Cramming all that fun into one day is pretty overwhelming. BUT! After Disneyland, we got to see Travis in Dracula, which was also a lot of fun.

The Long Beach Playhouse where Dracula's brides were more than frightening

Week 7 (October 26-November 1):

Nerdy Pumpkins

Time for Halloween! And very Nerdy Jack-o-Lanterns. I carved the Sleep No More and Cyberman (bottom right), Morgan did the Eleventh Doctor (top Right) and Carolyn wished us all a Happy Halloween!

Morgan's Halloween Costume

Week 8 (November 2-8):

Pretty Mrs. James

Week eight was all about the lovely wedding of Liz and Bill in Lodi. They were very happy, it was lovely, and I was honored to give a reading – though the troop of kayak-ers who paddled by while I was reading caused a decent distraction. =)

Part 1 Here

Part 3 Coming soon!

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