On Facebook and Birthdays

Today is an odd day – it is no one’s birthday amongst my Facebook friends.

I’m a big fan of the Facebook birthday function – I like being reminded of friends birthdays, and I love getting well-wishes on mine. I’ve even taken it a step further, and put close friends birthdays (found from Facebook) and put them in my Google Calendar so that they annually repeat. That let’s me send actual cards and messages separate from the Facebook platform.

But all of that is secondary to my new favorite use of the birthday function – to prune Facebook friends.

My philosophy is simple – if I don’t want to wish someone a happy birthday, then I probably don’t need to be their friend on Facebook. So, I un-friend them.

It is not malicious at all – just a bit of apathy. Having done theater for a lot of my life, I have a decent number of Facebook friends who are really great people, but who once a show closed, we didn’t stay close. So why should we be Facebook friends? And there are some exceptions: high school classmates who I want to keep up with, professional connections or people who I follow because they post interesting things. But in general – no “happy birthday” then its time to un-friend.

When I mentioned this to my (real-life) friends, they laughed and said, “isn’t that mean? To delete someone on their birthday?” I don’t think so – on your birthday many, many people send each of us messages and posts, and one person un-friending will not be noticed.

I recommend you try it out, and please let me know what you think.

Aand if I get un-friended on my birthday, I will understand.

PS: Yes, this is me trying to get back on the blogging train. We will see what happens. Thanks to Sam for encouraging me to blog about this.

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