Alex the Vineman

As always, I’m way behind on my blogging and need to talk about my lovely New York vacation. It is crazy though – I only came back on Monday, but work has been so crazy it feels like a month has gone by. I’m so glad that I got to spend last night and today at the Russian River with some of my oldest and dearest friends, as it was fun, and oh-so-relaxing.

We were there to watch Alex compete in the Vineman Triathlon, which is a half-Iron Man competition. And, as would be expected, insane! (I learned all about the differences between a sprint vs. an Olympic vs. a half Iron Man, and about transitions and all this other triathlon lingo)

We got up early, and trekked a whole… hundred yards to the dock to watch the swim portion. We cheered for basically everyone who went by (all of whom were super impressive) and chatted, until we saw Alex. He saw us too, and waved:

The River was very narrow on the sides where folks had to compete, so many did a combination of walking and swimming. After he waved, Alex dove in.

Eventually, we saw him swim back on the other side. Then we had five or so hours to kill, so we ate some breakfast, enjoyed the sun (I am sooo sunburned) and went champagne tasting at Korbel Winery.

Yup, Alex did 70.3 miles between the swimming, biking and running. And we drank champagne and ate cheese and enjoyed the lovely Sonoma area.Eventually we ventured to the finish line to try and see him – here, I learned about the importance of the cowbell in cheering and the tricks to spotting the right white hat and white jersey amongst a crowd, and from a far distance.

Kate, Alex’s girlfriend, here in the foreground, is a pro. She knows how to be an excellent cheering section and support team.

Alex did an amazing job, and it was a lovely weekend. What a wonderful way to spend a Sunday!

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