A blog post in lieu of other blog posts

Friends and me at Hendry Wines a couple of weeks ago. One of many things I meant to blog about….

OK, so I have this friend, and she has a great blog.

Why is it great? Well, she writes well, has a good sense of humor, talks about interesting things and isn’t afraid to have an opinion. But, I honestly think that is only 50% of why it is a great blog. The other 50% is because she posts very regularly.  She wrote four times in July, actually a small amount for her, but still once a week. When you go to her blog, you know you are likely to see a post, and be entertained.

Now, me on the other hand? I think I have an ok blog. I am still trying to find a good balance from being enthusiastic over stuff, and talking too much, and also writing about whatever is interesting in the moment, and not just when something is amazing. But my number one problem is I do not do it enough, and I do not blog on a consistent schedule. I’m a little bit better at keeping my tumblr going, but that is mostly because of reblogs.

I’m trying to change that, but it seems unlikely.
So this post is a round up of things I have meant to blog about, basically since January.
Some may end up being posts of their own eventually, but most will not. As it is kind of a ramble, I will put it behind a tag.

2012 Things I Meant to Blog About:

  • A culture review from 2011
    • Zone One by Colson Whitehead (my favorite new book)
    • Just Kids and And Then There Were None (my favorite new-to-me books)
    • Community & Downton Abbey (favorite new-to-me TV Shows)
    • Mike & Tom Eat Snacks (favorite new podcast)

  • New Years Resolutions for 2012…. One was about blogging once a week….

  • My awesome and short five-day vacation to the Big Island in Hawaii
  • A post about my love of podcasts in general, and which ones I listen to weekly

  • the Documentary: Bill Cunningham’s New York
  • Trying to focus on the Oscar-nominated shorts, after one of your best friend’s tells you she is pregnant!
  • My new found love of The Hairpin
  • Charity and giving on a small budget
    State of Wonder by Ann Patchett- my favorite new book of the year, so far
  • Buying too many books
    Amanda Palmer’s Kickstarter to fund “Theatre is Evil”, and supporting what you love in the media…. and more recently, her July concert to celebrate her kickstarter.
  • Wild Bride at Berkeley Rep
  • Any Given Day at the Magic Theater
  • Pop Up Magazine #6, especially the amazing photographer Autumn de Wilde

    The wonderful Avett Brothers concert in Berkeley, and especially Joe Kwon their kick-ass cellist

  • The new Fiona Apple album
  • Y the Last Man & Runaways – Brian K. Vaughn’s graphic novels ate my June.

  • Mad Men & Game of Thrones

    My July New York Trip in general… and Sleep No More in particular

  • Seeing a personal trainer (10 sessions in, currently)

  • Wonderful tour & tasting at the Hendry Winery in Napa and Sandy Beeches illustrations
  • My new found love of both So You Think You Can Dance and Big Brother (though I blame Drew and Syche for the latter)

Ok, so that’s my list… I will definitely blog about New York, as it was a wonderful trip, and I must do a full recap about Sleep No More, as I talk everyone’s ears off about it in person. The rest? Who knows? But I will try!

One thought on “A blog post in lieu of other blog posts

  1. This blog contains… 50 reasons why I love you. I’m trying to write more often too and I think a change of perspective that is going to work for me is that the posts don’t really need to be long-form. I’ve been following this blog http://hewholaughs.com/ on and off for 4 years, I don’t know this guy, but he’s funny, and he’s usually pretty succinct. It makes it easy to digest. Now, I’m not saying all posts should be 6-10 sentences. But it’s ok sometimes. :0)

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