25 Years Ago, Grandma and Me

Grandma and I, September 26, 1987

Yesterday, I talked about the importance of my grandfather on my belief in of voting. And today, my Aunt Ann posted this lovely photo of Grandma Olly and I from her wedding – 25 years ago, today! Crazy!

Grandma affected me in so many ways – mostly with the way she was always there for the entire extended family. But also.. so many other ways. She was a strong woman, and I always admired that.

I love this photo. My aunt said when she posted it that it was “So Olly… So Erin.” It took me a little while to understand why. But I think it is – she is holding me close, telling a story. I’m listening, but ready to talk in as soon as she is done. I still bite my tongue like that when I’m thinking. However, that may be the only major social occasion I have worn white to.

I don’t have many memories from Aunt Ann’s wedding – something about dancing on my dad’s shoes but that might be more from a home video than an actual memory. However, my memory is littered with memories of my Grandma, many of them bittersweet, because of her current health.

I’ve been meaning to blog about Grandma basically this entire year. I have snippets in my notebook that refer to her:

  • sky-blue pink (her favorite color)
  • “Better than canned beer”(a phrase I adore, and had never heard, until I took part of an oral history)
  • Reading “The Summer Without Men” and seeing “4000 Miles” in New York – both of which dealing with an aging parent or grandparent

Right now, I have to run because I’m going to the Amanda Palmer concert. But I’m promising myself, I’m going to do a full post about her, possibly tomorrow. But for now, I’m going to leave you with this awesome, if blurry, photo.

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