Playing Cards

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This weekend, at a friend’s birthday, I learned how to play Settlers of Catan (finally). Which was … interesting. I think I need to play a few more times to see if I like it. Right now it is still mostly confusing (I never really got which picture equaled what resource). But beginner’s luck hit, and I won, so that was neat.

After, we ended up playing Spoons and Deuces. I feel like I hadn’t played actual card games in years – not strictly true, but that’s how it feels. I love playing cards, and in high school and early college it was a huge part of my life – especially hearts, gin, spades and cribbage. Sadly, I don’t really even remember the rules to the latter two.

New goal in life – play more cards! I need to relearn these games I loved and play more, so I apologize to my friends who I will likely bug about this in the near future.

Side note: When in high school, I always associated playing cards with working run crew. I think my love of theater and my love of cards grew up together at least a little bit.

A list of things, making life possible

It has been a totally crazy week/month. I am now only 6 days out from a huge fundraiser gala, that I have been working on for all of the last year. The only way I’m keeping my sanity:

  • having a really kick ass assistant, who pushes back when I’m not being practical.
  • Giants winning NLDS. I wore an orange ribbon in my hair, while I ran errands all around the City yesterday. I could hear the cheers from various bars and homes all over.
  • Going to see Jordan Jesse Go! Live tonight, as part of the new SF Comedy and Burrito Festival.
  • Also! Getting to introduce new friends to JJGO & MaxFun tonight.
  • Adorable photos of my friends’ adorable tiny, new baby
  • Actually going to the gym/personal training, when normally I would let my work take over completely. (Sticking to my goals!)

  • This sky in San Bruno on Tuesday night
  • All of the great music that has come out in the last few weeks: Amanda Palmer and the Grand Theft Auto, the new Avett Brothers, the new Mountain Goats, the new Mumford & Sons.
  • Especially the Want it Back song and video by Amanda Palmer & GTO. (I still can’t get youtube to embed in a post… help?)
  • Going to the Half Moon Bay Pumpkin Festival this weekend

  • Dinner at Two Sisters Bar & Books, followed by Smitten ice cream
  • Gone Girl – goodness, what a book.
  • John Scalzi novels in audio book form
  • Slate Political Gabfest
  • Weekly round up emails with two good friends about all the Slate podcasts
  • New Fall TV – Have you seen Go On or the Neighbors? If not, you should, ASAP.
  • Knowing the season premiere of The League is on my DVR as soon as I can get to it.
  • jamming in a quick latte with Lysandra in the midst of the insanity, and having a serious Disneyland squee moment.
  • Bittersweet – drinks at the excellent Churchill bar, to say good-bye to Kate & Alex as the go on to their next adventures
  • All the Joe Biden gifs from last night’s debate.
  • And finally, that after next week, I get to go to Seattle. Very excited about that!

Rock the Vote

Today is National Voter Registration Day. Go register! It is super easy and very important.

The Fifteenth Amendment (Amendment XV) to the United States Constitution prohibits each government in the United States from denying a citizen the right to vote based on that citizen’s “race, color, or previous condition of servitude”


The Twenty-sixth Amendment (Amendment XXVI) barred the states or federal government from setting a voting age higher than eighteen. It was adopted in response to student activism against the Vietnam War

This post isn’t designed to tell you who to vote for, but that it is everyone’s responsibility to take an active part of the American civil discourse by the simple act of voting. As they say, we live in turbulent times, and to get your voice heard you must vote!

And, if you don’t vote, you can’t complain about the direction our country is heading.

Voting Time Commitment:

  • 2 minutes to register online
  • One hour to research issues and candidates (can be broken up over a few weeks)
  • 20 minutes to vote

All in all, pretty easy and very worth it.

So, go now, and register:


Now that I have blathered on about registering, and, hopefully, you are only reading this next part after you have done so, I want to talk briefly about my history with voting. I truly have never understood friends or acquaintances who didn’t believe in it, or felt their vote didn’t matter. And I don’t mean that derisively, I have just never, ever understood.

And I think that has three causes:

  1. my grandfather
  2. my mom’s polling place when I was a kid
  3. SI and the 2000 presidential elevtion

My grandfather, Adolfo, was an immigrant from the Philippines. He moved to the US in the 50s, and always held his American citizenship dear. Like many immigrants, he voted in every election and he always told my father, and later me, that you didn’t have to vote, but if you came to dinner on Election Night and hadn’t, then you had to find food elsewhere. He said it with a wry sense of humor, but was very serious about it at the same time. We lived at my grandparents’ house from when I was 5-8 years old, and I remember that voting conversation every year (and sometimes more than that when there were serious primaries).

My mom voted in the Outer Sunset until we moved to San Bruno in 2000. Her polling place was in the 40s on Judah and was possibly someone’s very large garage. I only have vague memories of the building, but I vividly remember the children’s voting booth. While my mom checked in and went to vote, I got to go to my own booth, made just my size, and push through the little circles on the paper. I don’t know if it was a replica ballot, or just paper… I’m not sure if there were real names on it. But I know that I thought it was one of the coolest things ever. Voting was super cool at age 6.

So, with those two experiences, I thought voting was a) necessary and b) fun. High school confirmed both of these things. I was on the high school debate team – Lincoln Douglas, baby! – and was preferally aware of politics during my first two years. At that point, I didn’t have super strong political beliefs – they were developing but still in infancy – and the JSA hosted a mock debate for the 2000 Gore/Bush election. I remember thinking that the seniors who were debating were so smart, cool, interesting – and I wasn’t really differentiatating between the sides. I just loved that they cared and could have a pretty intense debate about these candidates.

And then 2000 got crazy. How after that election could anyone think one vote didn’t matter? Every vote mattered, and we had the hanging chads to prove it. That election cemented my belief in the importance of the American political system and the stupidity of the electoral college.

So, thanks to my Grandfather, my mom taking me with her to go voting (probably mostly out of convenience), and whatever teacher or student who organized those debates in 2000, I was super stoked to vote once I turned 18. And it ended up being a whopper! The 2003 fall election was the Recall Election for Governor Gray Davis. I remember studying hard about the recall, and the possible candidates. I had been at UCD for only a month or so, and I already knew my freshman year roommate and I did not agree politically. I posted a sign that said “Friends Don’t Let Friend Vote for the Recall” and she posted one for Schwarzenegger…. you win some, you lose some…. But voting remained interesting, important and pretty cool.

So, register, and if you are at all passionate about it, educate your children (or your friend’s children!) young. And, I truly believe it doesn’t need to be about specific politics, although I think those conversations are also important. Voting is the right and responsibility of all Americans regardless of your point of view or political party. Let’s get out that vote!!

A Year Ago Today

A year ago today, I gathered with dear friends at one of my favorite places in NYC (the Frying Pan) and said good-bye. It is CRAZY to think that a year has passed, and yet, I also feel like it might have been ten or more.

I’m very happy that I moved, but I miss these people so very much. (I’m lucky that Robert moved back at the same time). Such great memories!

(And yes.. this is the first time I’m posting these photos. I’m the worst.)

A blog post in lieu of other blog posts

Friends and me at Hendry Wines a couple of weeks ago. One of many things I meant to blog about….

OK, so I have this friend, and she has a great blog.

Why is it great? Well, she writes well, has a good sense of humor, talks about interesting things and isn’t afraid to have an opinion. But, I honestly think that is only 50% of why it is a great blog. The other 50% is because she posts very regularly.  She wrote four times in July, actually a small amount for her, but still once a week. When you go to her blog, you know you are likely to see a post, and be entertained.

Now, me on the other hand? I think I have an ok blog. I am still trying to find a good balance from being enthusiastic over stuff, and talking too much, and also writing about whatever is interesting in the moment, and not just when something is amazing. But my number one problem is I do not do it enough, and I do not blog on a consistent schedule. I’m a little bit better at keeping my tumblr going, but that is mostly because of reblogs.

I’m trying to change that, but it seems unlikely.
So this post is a round up of things I have meant to blog about, basically since January.
Some may end up being posts of their own eventually, but most will not. As it is kind of a ramble, I will put it behind a tag.

2012 Things I Meant to Blog About:

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Alex the Vineman

As always, I’m way behind on my blogging and need to talk about my lovely New York vacation. It is crazy though – I only came back on Monday, but work has been so crazy it feels like a month has gone by. I’m so glad that I got to spend last night and today at the Russian River with some of my oldest and dearest friends, as it was fun, and oh-so-relaxing.

We were there to watch Alex compete in the Vineman Triathlon, which is a half-Iron Man competition. And, as would be expected, insane! (I learned all about the differences between a sprint vs. an Olympic vs. a half Iron Man, and about transitions and all this other triathlon lingo)

We got up early, and trekked a whole… hundred yards to the dock to watch the swim portion. We cheered for basically everyone who went by (all of whom were super impressive) and chatted, until we saw Alex. He saw us too, and waved:

The River was very narrow on the sides where folks had to compete, so many did a combination of walking and swimming. After he waved, Alex dove in.

Eventually, we saw him swim back on the other side. Then we had five or so hours to kill, so we ate some breakfast, enjoyed the sun (I am sooo sunburned) and went champagne tasting at Korbel Winery.

Yup, Alex did 70.3 miles between the swimming, biking and running. And we drank champagne and ate cheese and enjoyed the lovely Sonoma area.Eventually we ventured to the finish line to try and see him – here, I learned about the importance of the cowbell in cheering and the tricks to spotting the right white hat and white jersey amongst a crowd, and from a far distance.

Kate, Alex’s girlfriend, here in the foreground, is a pro. She knows how to be an excellent cheering section and support team.

Alex did an amazing job, and it was a lovely weekend. What a wonderful way to spend a Sunday!

Independence Day at the McKittrick Hotel

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As I’ve mentioned before on this blog (and more than a million times in daily life), Sleep No More is on of my most favorite shows from New York. And it something I miss very much, especially because they started having special holiday-themed shows the month after I moved to California. So I missed all the Halloween, New Years and Valentine’s Day fun.

But guess who will be at the McKittrick on Independence Day?


I’m so happy. I literally spent ten minutes dancing around the office. And I convinced two of my most favorite people to go with me. (Thanks Joe and Justin! You thought all you would have to do is house me for my trip, but no, we will also wear crazy masks and party like its 1932!)

Obviously, I’m very excited about this show. I’m looking forward to the trip in general. I desperately need a break from work, miss all the lovely people in NYC, and can’t wait to see a whole slew of shows. The list at the moment is: 4000 Miles, Newsies, Peter & the Starcatcher, Once, One Man Two G’vners, and of course Sleep No More (both a regular performance and the special independence Day show). I’m also contemplating adding either the SoHo Rep Production of Uncle Vanya or one of the Druid Murphy shows that is part of the Lincoln Center Festival.

Are there any must-sees missing from the list?

14 days and I’ll be there!!