Playing Cards

Mirrored from my Tumblr, rinsquared:

This weekend, at a friend’s birthday, I learned how to play Settlers of Catan (finally). Which was … interesting. I think I need to play a few more times to see if I like it. Right now it is still mostly confusing (I never really got which picture equaled what resource). But beginner’s luck hit, and I won, so that was neat.

After, we ended up playing Spoons and Deuces. I feel like I hadn’t played actual card games in years – not strictly true, but that’s how it feels. I love playing cards, and in high school and early college it was a huge part of my life – especially hearts, gin, spades and cribbage. Sadly, I don’t really even remember the rules to the latter two.

New goal in life – play more cards! I need to relearn these games I loved and play more, so I apologize to my friends who I will likely bug about this in the near future.

Side note: When in high school, I always associated playing cards with working run crew. I think my love of theater and my love of cards grew up together at least a little bit.