On the Road!

Last weekend, Carolyn and I drove down to Chula Vista (about 10 miles south of San Diego) for her internship at the Olympic Training Center (OTC). She is going to be working with the sports medicine team for the US athletes prepping for the Olympics in BMX Biking, Field Hockey, Track & Field, and … I always forget one… Anyway, it is very exciting, and I’m proud of her.

I played the big sister role – heading down to be a second driver, to help carry heavy things, and deal with any minor crisis that arrive when moving. And, let me say, after having my major moves be across the country and via plane, moving via car is much more civilized.

Here is a little photographic story about our trip:

7:30am: Carolyn and all her stuff, and the lovely little red car that carried us down the coast.

9AM – We hit the road after filling the car with gas, and us with caffeine.

I drove first, and as we listened to the Sklar Brothers great comedy record Hendersons and Daughters, we went past a TON of CHP and one Weiner-mobile – much to Carolyn’s delight:

Erin, you don’t understand. It’s a Weiner and mo-BILE. – Carolyn, (possible inaccurately quoted, =P )

Eventually she fell asleep, and I switched over to the audiobook for Mary Roach’s Stiff. After about three hours of driving (and still being a relatively inexperienced driver, especially at long-distances), I had to get out and walk around. We stopped and the rest stop had the above interesting machinery.

Carolyn took over driving, and I slept until the must-have stop at In-N-Out. Then we drove on through the Grapevine, seeing some lovely vistas like the above. Anthony Bourdain’s excellent memoir Kitchen Confidentiall kept us entertained and slightly disgusted until we hit Anaheim and started listening to the very exciting 49er v. Saints playoff game.

The closer we got to Chula Vista the more intense the game got, and each time Carolyn got frustrated with the proceedings she would turn the radio off, which I found hysterical.

5:15pm – We were just pulling into Chula Vista as the crazy last few minutes of the game went down. So exciting!! Go Niners!

All in all, it was a very pleasant drive and we the whole drive took about 8 hours, which was great.

After we rested and got cleaned up some, we met our cousin Darcy for dinner in San Diego. (As long as there is no traffic, it seems like everything is 14 minutes away between San Diego/Chula Vista/Coronado). We went to the R Gang Eatery, and had a ton of delicious food including Brussels sprouts and the bone marrow & beef cheeks dish above. While eating, Darcy entertained us with hilarious stories of her life as an office temp and nanny as she studies for the MCAT.

Sunday, 11AM – After dinner we went back to the motel and collapsed. In the morning, we checked out and headed to San Diego for brunch. And I, apparently, dressed in every pattern I owned….

Brunch was at the Mission, as recommended by my old friend Deirdre. It was very good, and way, way too much food. I think Carolyn’s french toast could’ve fed three people.

12:30pm – We did our major site-seeing at Coronado, on the beach and at the Hotel del Coronado. A beautiful and awesome place that I would love to spend more time at.

Coronado - Carolyn let me take a million photos of her. This was one of my favorites.

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12 Weeks in Photos – Part 1

Sutro Tower at Sunset

What?? Two posts in one week.  I’m going to try quite hard to post at least once a week going forward, and I’m cheating a little today by using mostly photos.

Because my camera is most often attached to my hand, and when it is not, I have a smart phone in my pocket, I thought photos would be the best way to look at the last 12 weeks in California.

Hopefully you will like them too!

Week 1 (September 14-20):

September Strawberries

I flew back to California in mid-September and dove pretty quickly into work. That weekend, Mom came home from the Farmers Market with the most gorgeous flat of strawberries.

September was an amazing month for produce. We had strawberries and heirloom tomatoes, and Syche made amazing beets.  The weather was gorgeous and the food delicious – it was the perfect time to move home.

Week 2 (September 21-27):

In 2010, I went through a big Sherlock Holmes faze, reading three of Arthur Conan Doyle’s novels. This year the Fall mystery companion has been Agatha Christie; I’ve read And Then There Were None, Crooked House, and just finished today, The Murder of Roger Ackroyd.  The first was my favorite – I couldn’t put it down! (But after Ackroyd, I think I’m done with Christie for a while – what classic mystery writer should I try next?)

SF at Night

Friday of my second week in California had me driving to the Castro to pick up Liz, Molly & Syche from the Little Mermaid Sing-a-Long. I had missed this first portion of Liz’s bachelorette because of a board meeting for work, and while I was on my way, Syche texted saying the start had been delayed.  I used my extra half hour to take some pictures near Dolores Park – I was trying to capture Sutro Tower, but this shot ended up being my favorite.

Late Night Pizza at Liz's Bachelorette

Eventually I made it (and without killing the denizens of the Castro who kept brazenly walking in front of my car). We enjoyed show tunes and they enjoyed martinis (I have so much kharmic debt owed in terms of rides, I was happy to be the DD), followed by late night pizza on Haight Street.

‘Twas a lot of fun!
(Molly is taking the picture, but I promise she is also wearing a lot of jewelry and possibly a crown.)

Fog Fest 2011 - Sandcastle Competition

The following morning, Syche, Drew and I went and explored Fog Fest 2011 in Pacifica. One of the highlights was the sandcastle competition – the other? Funnel cake!

Week 3 (September 28-October 4):

Auction Item from the Fashion Show (sadly I did not get to keep it)

Week three was all about the Fashion Show at work. I put together a silent auction for the first time and ran around like a crazy person.

But, the event went really well, and by having a sort of trial-by-fire, the following weeks at work have been much less insane.

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