12 Weeks in Photos – Part 3

Peering in close at the Academy of Sciences

Continuing my look back at my first twelve weeks home in California. Previous Parts here: Part 1 and Part 2.

Although this blog will continue to have photos, I have launched a new daily photoblog as part of my 2012 New Year’s Resolutions. Please check it out and let me know what you think: RinFocus.

Week 9 (November 9-15):

Fort Funston and Ocean Beach

Fort Funston – a constant in my photo adventures. The dog just loves it there, and the landscape remains interesting.

Fallen Fence in Ft. Funston - it is amazing how the sand dunes move

Week 10 (November 16-22):

Claude, the Albino Alligator - Academy of Sciences

Kate, Alex, Mike and I ventured to the Academy of Sciences for Nightlife. I went, primarily, to see the Kepler Project show, which was a bit of let down. But the Academy itself is always wonderful.

A surfer at Rodeo Beach in Marin

Rodeo beach is one of my new favorite places. I want to go often.

Week 11 (November 23-39):

Carolyn makes a hat!

The lovely table at my Aunt Mary's for Thanksgiving dinner

Week 12(November 30-December 6):

Mr. O'Golly (aka my dear father) guards the Steam Man at the Dickens Fair

Thanks for helping me to reminisce about these great first twelve weeks back home in the Bay Area.

On a quest, for a great outfit

I am not much of fashion-person. Meaning…. I’m not very fashionable.

And I never have been.

I think the proudest of an outfit I ever was was when I was 8 or 9, and my Aunt Sandra (who was, and still is, the “hip and cool” aunt) decked me out in a dark flowery dress with doc martins. That was when I first learned the term “grunge,” though, looking back,  I’m not sure if it actually applied to said outfit.  (I promise to try and find a picture when home this June).

Beyond that, I have never been super into fashion.  I don’t have an immediate eye for it.  And often, any time I have liked something, and thought it looked good (super clunky/square heels freshman year of high school, weirdly washed out jeans in college), I later learned from my dear friends (or, honestly, photos) that it was something of a disaster.

So with no inate talent plus my body type of the last 7 years, I haven’t tried anything too exciting. Lately, I have been happy with simple looks, learning about silouttes, and wearing A LOT of dresses because I like how they fit more than pants and they are easy to wear.

Since my interest in blogs and photography has increased, I have started to follow a lot more fashion blogs, and do love what is out there in the world.  And I greatly admire my friends who are able to create amazing looks and hit the town. I have a few who seem to be able to look stunning 5 nights a week, and I do not understand how this is possible. But I admire, and I would like to try…

Which is good, because this June, I need to put together two outfits. The first is for a “Country Estate” Party at MaxFunCon and the second is a steampunk costume look for my dad’s CombatCon in Vegas.

From the MaxFunCon website:

The dress code for our Saturday evening party at MaxFunCon is “Country Estate.” Please dress as you would for drinks at your country home. Plus fours are not suggested, however tweed is generally strongly encouraged.

Everyone says that everyone at MFC is super nice and great, so I’m sure as long as I put some effort out, it won’t be hassled. But as I will be attending an event thrown by someone who runs a fashion blog (Put This On) and with my dear friend Kate, who always looks amazing and interesting AND has a degree in costume design, I would like to be able to hold my own.

So what am I to do? Who has advice on fashion and looking good and not awkward?

The answer, I believe, is going to have to come from thrifting. If, for no other reason, then I cannot spend a fortune on an outfit I will wear but once.  Fortunately, my friend Annie is a bit of thrifting expert, and she is going to take me under her wing.  I hope to come back with a pleated tweed skirt and some sort of blouse and vest/blazer combo, that makes my silhouette nicer, and not squished/lumpy.

For the steampunk event, I am working towards something with a corset and my brown boots, and two layer skirt with tool. Plus googles and gears, of course.

The above is from Hark! A Vagrant, one of my fave webcomics.

Once I go on my outfit quests, I will post some updates here. Til then, any and all help is appreciated.